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About the Boilermakers Union


The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers began advocating for workers’ rights in the 1880s and our commitment to workers continues into the 21st Century. Boilermakers formed to fight for workers’ safety, pay and benefits in often dangerous conditions in trainyards and shipyards. Fighting for increased safety, fair pay and a workers’ voice on the job are central to what we do.

Today, we represent men and women across North America in a variety of different shops and workplaces. Since our genesis, the union has expanded to encompass workers across all industries including manufacturing, service workers, janitors, office workers and so many others, providing our members a richer, more equitable life.

What you might not know about the Boilermakers:

  • Boilermakers manufacture a variety of products including aluminum foil, refrigerators and golf balls in addition to hundreds of other everyday products like cement, cardboard, gas/diesel fuel and petroleum products.
  • Boilermakers represent workers in food catering, insurance, clerical, garment fabrication, janitorial and service sectors, and in an expanding variety of workplaces and shops. We recycle green waste products.
  • We even make the polymers for your grandpa’s dentures and the special resins in your grandma’s hearing aids.
  • No matter the industry, Boilermakers’ contract negotiations have won workers more money, better benefits and increased safety on the job.

Boilermakers are inclusive, effective and ready to help you transform your workplace to make it better for workers’ health and welfare. For more information about what we can do for you and your workplace, contact Jody Mauller at 1-800-24-UNION, or fill out the Signup Form.