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All workers deserve to have a voice on the job, to be treated fairly, to work safely, to take pride in what they do, and to have an opportunity to improve their skills and value.


Every worker deserves respect. Through membership in the Boilermakers, you can gain that respect by becoming one of a group of employees that takes pride in their work, and uses their collective voice for positive change in the workplace. Being in a union puts an employee on a more even playing field with the employer, giving you the respect you deserve.

“We are some of the best welders in the world. We ship everything out in record time.”

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Through collective action, training, and contracts with the company, unions promote safe working conditions for everyone in the workplace. Boilermakers have a dedicated safety representative that can be called to deal with an unsafe situation, and OSHA can be alerted to conduct safety investigations when needed.

“Between my training and the apprenticeship, you're taught to be a craftsman. If you weren't a craftsman, that's how accidents happen.”

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Boilermakers are skilled tradesmen and women whose talent is needed in today's economy. They take pride in perfecting their craft. Members support one another and give back to the community. Being a Boilermaker isn't just a job, it's a way of life.

“I take pride in what I do. I am very proud to be a Boilermaker.”

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Fair Treatment

Union representation helps ensure you're treated fairly on the job. Backed by a negotiated contract, union workers are protected by a grievance procedure designed to enforce the contract and stop the employer from violating labor laws.

“I got a union steward to come out and represent me, because I felt like I was being mistreated, [and] I was able to transfer into welding.”

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Opportunity in your job isn't just about better wages and benefits, it's also about having a say in shaping your future. The Boilermakers union works with employees to negotiate contracts that can increase a worker's power through collective action. By opening a dialogue with their employer, workers have the opportunity to ask for what they want, such as employer-provided training and a path to higher-skilled jobs.

“The union has provided me and my family with a living wage. We were able to purchase a home here in San Diego, where it's really expensive. Without the union, we wouldn't be able to do it.”

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If you are wondering, “How do I form a union”, or would like to start a conversation, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to answer any questions you have.