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The Union Advantage

We workers take a job for a simple reason: to take care of ourselves and our families to the best of our abilities. And in exchange for our labor, our time and our skills, we demand that our employers provide:

  • A voice on the job
  • Fair treatment, pay and benefits
  • A safe place to work
  • Respect on the job
  • An opportunity to better our skills and value

But employers often have different priorities, like making higher profits and pleasing shareholders.

They may be indifferent to our needs and exploit us or devalue what we give up to make the company prosperous. They may show favoritism, pay us less than we deserve and fail to protect us from the dangers of the workplace.

By forming a union, we empower ourselves to negotiate with the employer as a group for our legal rights and our fair share of the profits we help create. We enter into a binding legal contract that spells out working conditions, pay and benefits.

Unions help build and protect the middle class. When unions are strong, America is strong.


Higher wages for Union Workers

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics



of Union Workers have job-provided health insurance

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics



of Union Workers have paid sick leave

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Nonunion Worker

  • My employer can discipline or discharge me without cause.
  • My employer doesn’t have to negotiate anything.
  • I don’t have a grievance or arbitration process.
  • I have no guaranteed or defined seniority rights.
  • My employer can take away, change and even stop my benefits.
  • Union Plus benefits are not available to non-union workers.
  • My employer may never give me a raise and may even cut my pay.
Nonunion Worker
Union Worker

Union Worker

  • My employer can only discipline me for just cause.
  • My employer must negotiate wages and working conditions.
  • There is a grievance process and binding arbitration of disputes.
  • I have defined seniority rights.
  • I have defined benefits protected by a contract.
  • I am eligible for Union Plus discounts and benefits.
  • I can negotiate for contracted pay raises.